Saturday, October 03, 2009

7 days..

The big day is coming.. not that nervous though, but feel occupied..

Thank God for giving me strength to strive on.

No one knows what happened tomorrow though when u look at the sky.. but we believe that God is there.

天氣天 晴 乾 燥 , 初 時 部 分 時 間 多 雲 。 天 晴 乾 燥 。 天 晴 乾 燥 。 天 晴 乾 燥 。 天 晴 。 部 分 時 間 有 陽 光 。 部 分 時 間 有 陽 光 。
天 晴 乾 燥 , 初 時 部 分 時 間 多 雲 。 天 晴 乾 燥 。 天 晴 乾 燥 。 天 晴 乾 燥 。 天 晴 。 部 分 時 間 有 陽 光 。 部 分 時 間 有 陽 光 。
東 北 風 3 至 4 級北 風 4 級 , 離 岸 5 級北 至 東 北 風 4 級東 至 東 北 風 3 至 4 級東 至 東 北 風 3 至 4 級東 至 東 北 風 4 級東 至 東 北 風 4 至 5 級
相對濕度(%)50 至 7550 至 7555 至 7555 至 7560 至 8065 至 8065 至 85

And the interesting sight of weather..

So.. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival..!

(table, fig fr

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

熱帶風暴 彩虹

Walked pass, no damage at all... -_-!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The solar eclipse

It's not a full one here in HKG, but generally people can see it when there's no cloud between time: 0815 - somewhere around 1000..

The first photo was taken without any filter, with a mobile phone..
-> see nothingThe 2nd photo, showed the sun thru a photo film (one of the recommended way to see it), ok with naked eye, but didn't show up in the mobile photo.... ('cos of the exposure..)

This 3rd photo, finally showed the shadow of the 'eaten' sun. It's captured by pinching a piece of paper and projected the image on a cardboard.

I thought that was the hole I pinched at first. But a random pinched hole couldn't look like a pac-man as such...

So, that's it! The method mentioned by the news did work!^^

Once in a lifetime view..?!

The funny thing was, colleagues of the whole departments (30+) lined up to my seats to look at this phenomenon (thru the photo film or special filter they have), simply because I have one of the sea-view seats!

Possibly earn some extra pocket money if I charged them 60 cents per 6 seconds..! haha ;p


Thursday, July 16, 2009

the Apple Green Tea....

Afternoon tea-time in office, colleagues bought us drinks. I picked this cup and...

-> Open...!


Taste like green coloured sweetener (poss apple favour, but could be anything) ... It's just too artificial to drink. I decided to let it go..

It reminded me a video I have seen in youtube about PRC 'juice' stores..

so horrible @_@

what do u think....?! X(

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Friday, July 10, 2009

another typhoon..?!

(fig. fr HKO)

will it landed..?

looks slow in wind speed, only brought in bad weather, esp in the weekend..>_